Our Betting Services

As your personal betting broker, below are the betting services that 7bet-sports offers:

Brokerage - Sports Betting Intermediary

Our exclusive brokerage service provides professional punters with the best odds for their stakes. The placement process is fast, simple and secure. New clients will be delighted with the stakes and odds they receive. This service is available both on Pre-match and LIVE In-Running games with a wide coverage of leagues and teams globally. Speak to our friendly customer relationship managers to find out more.

Automated Trading Tools

We provide a one-stop solution for professional sports trading punters to trade on all the major Asian Sportsbooks. Our proprietary betting platform will provide users with seamless access to placing their bets instantaneously with the various bookmakers. What's more, you will experience extraordinary functions on the platform which helps to increase the profitability and efficiency of your trading. We are constantly making improvements to the functionality and efficiency of the platform as we ourselves trade on it. What's more, you will enjoy the convenience of having all your accounts with various bookmakers funded through a single wallet. For enquiries and a demonstration of our platform's functions, please kindly contact us here.

Quantitative Modeling & Betting

We work closely with Quants on Statistical modeling and betting and have since created many successful models. Combining valuable Historical, Pre-match and LIVE statistics with our automated trading platform, we provide a comprehensive solution to all Quants looking to develop and trade on their successful sports betting model. We are constantly on the lookout to partner or hire Quants who are looking to develop or improve their sports betting model. We welcome any Quant to speak to us about working together to profit on their highly potential or successful sports betting model!

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